Housing (Steel Frame Homes)

     The greatest architectural wonders of the modern era are due, mostly, to the use of steel. Skyscrapers, large-span bridges and bulky constructions owe their existence to steel. During the last twenty-five years  MORFOMETAL has been engaged in manufacturing Metal Buildings and Constructions and, specializing in Metal Housing.

   Steel frame houses display a number of noteworthy benefits over conventional dwelling and they are cited below:

  • They provide thorough seismic capacity and the maximum safety and security, even in case of high seismic vibration. Therefore, they release owners from the obligation to execute aftershock repairs (cracks, etc.) Metal buildings and residential structures are timeless and durable due to steel elasticity, in stark contrast to conventional structures which are especially vulnerable to all forms of seismic vibration due to the rigidity of conventional building materials.
  • They provide security against any extreme weather event meaning that they are ideal for both coastal and highland areas. Moreover, it is worth noting that this kind of constructions provide the utmost safety against lightning effects since, substantially, they form a kind of a cage, which transfers electricity to the ground. In other words, the metal frame functions as a safe grounding.
  • They provide full corrosion protection of the frame, since all metal parts are initially submitted to sandblasting and then they are stained with the most advanced anti-corrosion materials. Furthermore, we have the capability of applying hot galvanizing for maximum protection.
  • They burden structures with less weight. The difference in weight between Metal Housing and conventional homes is due to the materials being used. The metal structure weight ratio and the corresponding one of reinforced concrete is from about 1 to 15.
  • They provide greater soundproofing. With dry masonry structure, we observe high rates of sound insulation up to >60dB.
  • They provide more heat. With dry masonry structure, we observe high rates of heat transmission up to U<0.3W/m2K.
  • They are Bioclimatic residences which respect their owners, they protect the environment, they are especially resistant to climate changes and, in addition, they are very economical, in the framework of the economic crisis we are experiencing.
  • They eliminate useless spaces. This advantage is about 5%, compared to conventional housing.
  • They consist of modern filling materials, such as glass, aluminum tapes, steel inox, corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal, wood panels, etc. Additionally, they apply new wall filling methods which bring forward a real revolution both in aesthetics and functionality. Of course, traditional architectural models are not excluded.
  • They constitute an ecological construction, since the frame is recyclable
  • They charge the owners with the minimum Social Insurance Institution rate, meaning thatthere is a low cost in insurance contributions, provided that metal structures reside in the category of prefabrications. In other words, in metal housing the final Social Insurance Institution contributions are reduced by the fraction 0,52/1,32, compared with the conventional frame of concrete
  • They save money from the phase of foundation. Small loads of the bearing structure result in a reduced need for foundations and excavations. This kind of advantage saves respected amounts of money, especially when talking about rocky grounds where blasting is an incumbent, expensive and uncomfortable procedure.
  • They offer low-cost operations.  Of course, this depends on the choice of materials to be used in the project completion phase, e.g. windows, floors, etc.
  • They immunize a predetermined cost.  The cost is predetermined precisely by the very beginning of the constructing procedure, thus providing the correct and inviolable budget, excluding future unpleasant surprises.
  • They provide an accurate construction schedule, from the financing stage, up to the completion of the construction, “with turnkey”.
  • They are distinguished by the high speed of construction, a fact that results in lower manufacturing xost
  • They are distinguished  by coordinating construction, since the global process of construction, from the phase of the prefabrication of the metal frame parts in our plant via CNC machinery systems, the most modern in the market, offering high quality in manufacturing and production, up to the assembly and the full completion and integration of the project, is carried out entirely by our company which achieves complete coordination and control of construction work.
  • They provide multiple architectural alternatives, viz modern design, curtain walls, etc., since our construction materials suggest infinite formatting capabilities.
  • They provide the architectural feature of large spans (greater than what we can achieve in reinforced concrete structures), without intermediate prop (columns), putting over outstanding architectural options.
  • They accord the convenience of future expansion or modification of the residence, without causing major damage.
  • MORFOMETALproduces Steel Constructions of high sustainability, compared to conventional structures which endure, on average, sixty (60) years.
  • For every single dwelling corresponds a unique project plan, adapted to specific customer needs.
  • The company combines excellent quality materials, construction rapidity and challenging prices, because the top bioclimatic dwelling does not necessarily mean expensive.
  • You can ask for our prices. We offer the best rates, provided the astounding material and construction quality.
  • Experienced technicians are always willing to help you

We construct the residence of your dreams, quickly, safely and economically

There are no restrictions on the use of materials!

We manufacture today the future dwelling!!!

The most representative materials used in metal homes are listed below:

  • Steel frame
  • Composite slab with concrete (Steel reinforcement and concrete or any other combination)
  • Roof tiles of different categories
  • Cement board (external use, bath, WC)
  • Rockwool insulation material (intermediate)
  • Plasterboard (internal use, ceiling partitions)
  • Fiberboard OSB
  • Ceiling-Roof (panel type tile 50,00mm thick)

  • Synthetic windows (double glazing, mosquito nets, shutters)
  • Internal metal staircase for two-storey houses
  • Tiles (floor, bathroom)
  • Sanitary Articles (sinks, taps, basins, shower-cabin)
  • Doors (internal P.V.C, aluminum )
  • Electrical and Hydraulic Installation
  • Heating (Air-Conditioning)
  • External and Internal Painting at customer’s choice