The Company

    MORFOMETALis an exemplarily prosperous and accomplished Construction Company which operates in the field of Technical Projects, specializing in Metal Fabrication and, especially, in Buildings with Steel Frame. The company is distinguished by its ultramodern technological equipment, its highly skilled manpower, as well as a wide variety of projects which have been completed successfully during the company’s long course, being the tiptop enterprise in its field on the island of Crete.

    The company is based in the town of Chania. It was founded in 1994 by ΚωνσταντίνοςΚαντηλιεράκης, who has been dealing with Steel Construction Industry since 1983. At its very beginning, it was a rather short range business. Even then, however, it had the capacity to master an innovative technological equipment for the time referred. Due to the tireless work and the unwavering commitment of its founder to quality and exemplary service, the company achieved to enter dynamically in Steel Construction Industry soon. Via admirable strategies, sustained investments in the application of modern technologies within privately owned facilities and the continuous setting up of its manpower, the company put over a dazzling progress, as well as the consolidation and amplifying of its existence in the demanding market of Metal Fabrication.

    The combination of quality, safety, punctual project delivery, paired with the optimal economic and aesthetic project outcome, the established principle of the company to nominate targeted, functional and quality solutions as far as the customers’ needs are concerned, as well as the respect, the devotion to the confidence of our customers and the straightforward and constructive cooperation with them, constitute the cornerstone of the flying colors of the company. As a consequence, the company has acquired a grand reputation concerning the punctual delivery of complete high quality projects, which are outstanding for their notorious design, their relatively low cost and their full harmonization to the prescribed requirements.

    For the reasons above,MORFOMETALhas predominated in the Cretan market, as one of the leading and most reliable companies in the Steel Construction Industry. Nowadays, the company keeps on providing top quality and high aesthetics metal construction, suggesting integrated services of research, design and construction.

    You can refer to detailed information on our website regarding the following categories of Metal Construction:

  • Residences
  • Block of flats
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Military Buildings
  • Exhibition Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Warehouse Buildings
  • Hypermarkets (Super Markets)
  • Shop Facades
  • Metal Bridges

  • Port Project Bumpers
  • Fitness Centers
  • Cultural Centers
  • Agricultural Units
  • Greenhouses
  • Building Additions
  • Building Reinforcement