The Staff

       MORFOMETAL’s Administration is convinced that the implementation of its vision and its goals can be achieved only through the cooperation of the trained and devoted to their tasks staff. In our company, every employee is distinguished by his excellent behavior, consistency in his work and respect, both to his colleagues and to customers. Therefore, discrimination based on color, nationality, religion or any other belief is unheard in our working environment.

      For the company’s Administration, every employee is considered to be a real partner. Through an objective evaluation and a wage payment according to performance, the company respects its employees and it seeks to be fair with them. The Administration cares about them not only within the workplace but even in their personal life. MORFOMETALensures their continuous training by carrying out educational and training programs, aiming at an unceasing improvement. At the same time, the Administration works constantly for a highly safe and secure working environment. To achieve the latter, the company has established a relevant service and a Supervisor who is a graduate Engineer with extra knowledge on supervising and safety issues.

For the reasons above:

  • Our constructors have an extensive experience, a proven reliability and they are committed to the successive completion of each project, paying specific attention to safety.
  • Crane operators are licensed by the Ministry of Industry or, alternatively, they have an equivalent training for proper handling and proper movement coordination.
  • Welding and Cutting Metals Technicians are qualified and certified. They have a long-standing and valuable experience and, in addition, they possess all the required knowledge.

     Our strong advantage is the power of knowledge we possess which is  offered at the disposal of our customers, since our industry is constantly evolving and it requires a high level of know-how. A second vantage point is the successive coordination of employees with different knowledge, experiences, skills and points of view, making them join forces, aiming at an optimal quality result to the satisfaction of our customers. All the above contribute to MORFOMETAL’s success to respond worthily both to any kind of challenges of our times and to our customers’ demands. The trust of the latter makes our company be one of the most dynamic and healthy industry enterprises on our island.

     MORFOMETAL, situated within an open and constantly evolving environment, inspires, with its solid knowledge, its fair attitude and policy, the belief that it stands by its employees inside and outside the working environment, thus forming a workplace which respects primarily the individuality, it recognizes contribution and it supports the unceasing development and advancement of each employee.