Production Equipment

    Our company puts through its operational and productive functions by using a reliable technological equipment of ultramodern specifications. All the programmable productive processes get checked by a specialized software, deterring any possible faults and weaknesses during the productive procedure. In this way, we can guarantee, on the one hand, a straight-out outcome for our customers, and on the other, the maximum safety for the human resources of our company.

    Indicatively, we quote a part of our company’s equipment:

  • Programmable Production Line CNC 15 m length for cutting and drilling Beams
  • Programmable four-head Plasma-Oxygen Pantograph Thermal Cutting Steel CNC with work surface 14m length for Lamina cutting (no limits in shape and thickness)
  • Four (4) Beam Band Saws  (1000pi,  650pi, 300pi,220pi)
  • Five (5) Crane Gantry Machine  (10 t  έως  20 t )
  • Two (2) hydraulic  Sheet Bending Machine (4m  200 t,  3 m 120 t)
  • Two (2) hydraulic Shears for cutting Lamina up to 16 mm thickness)
  • Two (2) Press Hole Machine  150 t
  • Mechanical Presses 35 t, 70 t και 200 t
  • Portable Presses
  • Profile Bending Machine
  • Four (4) Electrode Welding machines  300 Ampere
  • Six (6) Wire Welding machines  500 Ampere
  • Edge Resistance Weldingmachine
  • Two (2) Clarks with transfer weight capacity 2,5 t and lifting capacity 4 m
  • Clark with transfer weight capacity  6 t and lifting capacity 7 m
  • Lathe, Plane and Radial
  • Two (2) Pneumatic Drills, 20 ΗΡ each
  • Weight Bridge 70 t
  • Portable Generator 220KVA
  • Portable Generator 60KVA

Construction Site Equipment:

  • Five (5) Tow Truck vehicles with lifting capacity up to 28 m height
  • Five (5) Lifting Platforms, Lifting Pannier Vehicles with lifting capacity up to 20 m for manpower’s  safety at great heights
  • Ten (10) small vehicles for the workshops’ needs and product transfer
  • Trucks,  26 t capacity

Designing, Conference and Seminar Equipment:

  • Color Printers A4, A3
  • Color Plotter for printing three-dimensional metal construction designs
  • Interactive Projector
  • Computer Network System supporting data connection among the Design Department, the CNC Equipment Department, the Accounting Office and the Administration Department