Metal Industrial Constructions

    Supported by its know-how and its long experience, MORFOMETAL specializes in manufacturing Metal Buildings and, more generally, any type of Metal Structures.

    The advantages of Metal Buildings are incomparably more than the corresponding ones of conventional construction buildings and they are  summarized below:

  • Higher Construction Standards. The metal parts are manufactured in our factory under strict human and electronic surveillance, in order for us to comply fully with the certification requirements (ISO). This is not the case, to such an extent, in conventional concrete structures.
  • Full Seismic Protection, due to steel frame’s strength to all kinds of seismic stress, but also due to the lighter weight of construction.
  • Significant reduction of construction time, due to the prefabrication of components within our factory, their quick assembly regardless of weather conditions, the dry construction and the limited foundation time.
  • Lower financial cost, due to the low rate of Social Insurance Institution, the small loads of the bearing structure which lower excavation and foundation costs, etc.
  • Incomparably higher durability, if conventional concrete buildings have an average life span of about  sixty (60) years.
  • Unlimited architectural alternatives and flexibility in the layout of the interior, resulting in an outstanding aesthetic effect.
  • Large spans, without intermediate prop (columns), reducing, therefore, useless spaces, if compared with concrete structures.
  • Easy outspread, even building relocation to another area.
  • Metal Buildings are environmentally friendly, since most building materials are recyclable.

        This incomparable superiority of Metal Structures, over the conventional ones, impels more and more customers to prefer them, provided that the rapid technological development has revealed new horizons for both designers and manufacturers.

    MORFOMETALhas the capacity to handle any kind of demanding requirement as far as Industrial Buildings are concerned, based on the expertise, experience and accountability of its executives. This is evidenced by the copious Industrial Sites that have been created by our company. The excellent and consistent technical support we provide, ensures investment, increases the benefits of our customers supremely and it maximizes their satisfaction. The latter is the aim of our company.

    We guarantee both the thorough study of the project construction, aiming at the optimal quality and economical solution and the comprehensive and timely project delivery.

    During the course of our long experience, we achieved the recognition and a prominent position in the market by constructing Steel Structures of various types and uses.

Representative examples are the following:

  • Industrial Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Exhibition Areas
  • Venues
  • Fitting Centers
  • Hypermarkets
  • Multi-storey Buildings
  • Roofs
  • Stores