Quality Assurance

    The quality of MORFOMETAL’s Steel Structures, as far as the staff’s training, responsibility, consistency and the ongoing modernization of technological equipment is concerned, is widely known in the market by suppliers, partners and employees. Concerning the continuous training of human resources, it is the primary goal of the development policy of the company. For this reason, the company implements educational, training and assessment programs for its staff, aiming at their non-stop improvement.

    The quality and reliability of the company’s services and constructions, namely its competitiveness, is based on this policy. Proof of the latter is the fact that the company managed to survive proud in the midst of the economic crisis of the recent years, maintaining its solvency, as one of the very few companies in the sector of Steel Structures of the island.

    Quality assurance is a priority for our company and, for this reason,MORFOMETAL iscertified according to the InternationalQuality Standard ISO 9001. Moreover, it is in the phase of acquiring the certification 1801 by the Greek Organization of Standardization, concerning health and safety, as well as the corresponding EN 1090 which refers to technical requirements and certification for the execution of Steel Structures.

    Our subsequent aim is to use only certified materials for our structures, checking, at the same time, the certificates which accompany them. Welds qualify BS EN ISO15614-1:2004 and EN 3834, while all the welders and fitters are highly experienced and they hold relevant licenses.