Safety at Work

    MORFOMETALfocuses on its staff’s security during production. To this direction, it has taken a number of measures, including:

  • The supply of the required personal protection equipment, recommending to each employee to use it properly for their own safety, in order for them to avoid any kind of industrial accident
  • The edition of Regulation concerning Hygiene and Safety which is posted in conspicuous factory sites. Compliance with the Regulation Articles both in the factory area and in the construction site is considered imperative. At the same time, the correct implementation of its provisions is checked thoroughly.
  • The implementation of relevant training programs
  • The provision of health insurance programs by private insurance company to cover emergencies, in addition to mandatory insurance.
  • The concern as far as the proper maintenance and the continuous improvement of the equipment, a policy which ensures secure work, out of danger.

    Therefore, on the one hand the high security installations and the ultramodern equipment and, on the other, the compliance with the rules by our manpower, have classified our company among the most safe   workplaces, where the accident rate is significantly lower than average accident rate in industry.